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from California, United States -
Entertaining.........funny...........feel good evening...........
from -
Seriously fun and unconventionally educational, and for all people : my husband doesn't speak english and laught like us. thanks a lot for the show
from Appleton Wisconsin -
This was the first time I have seen this show and I have to say, I would highly suggest it! It's a MUST see. It may have been one of the best shows I've seen in Vegas! I love the audience participation as well.
from Chicago,IL -
This was a great show to see. I would tell everyone to go and check it out. Very interactive with the crowd. I would go back to see it again.
from Las Vegas -
I didn't really enjoy the show that much.i actually fell asleep. The guys are good but some parts of the show is sort of irrelevant or stupid. The guys are good but think it would have been better If they just stick to the music making
from São Paulo, Brazil -
The Blue Man Show in Orlando is much better than this show in Las Vegas. The effect of the drum and liquid was little used and it's very weak.
from Pleasant Hill, CA -
It should be described as a kid´scomedy. All this years being famous and still in scene I thought it will be an amazing show but it just funny and it keep you occupied. I would prefered go to another show.
from Colorado Springs, Colorado -
Great audience involvement. Very entertaining. Unique act.
from Denver, CO -
I've seen Blue Man Group every time I've come to Vegas! It's an amazing show and I try and take everyone I come with. I'll most definitely see them the next time per the usual!
from Maple Shade, NJ -
High energy, fantastic show. Would go to this show again and again..
from North Dakota -
The music was good but the skits in between the music were awful! Not what I expected at all.
from Los Angeles -
Lotsa food chewing and gross food spitting. Long stretches of boredom. I chuckled here and there and totally loved the paper storm, though. I think the musical types behind the curtain were a better part of the show than the blue guys. I hate to be negative on people that work hard to deliver their proffession, but the next person to sit in my seat also deserves to know what I think he/she is in for. I think many jokes were just taken too long. Even the scrolling door jokes went too long. The music is great and the seats next to the speakers are very loud. Take earplugs if you're sensitive. And lastly, the Luxor is going to hate me for this, but It's a small theatre - all seats are good enough for this show. Actually, if you get grossed-out easily and don't appreciate food spitting, get a seat in the back. Or better yet, show up intoxicated. Sorry, just my humble opinion.
from San Bernardino CA -
I would recommend this show to everyone. It was so much fun! Get the poncho seats! It"s worth it. I haven't laughed so much in a long time! you won"t regret it.
from Califoria -
A very entertainment evening and funny. Family friendly
from Las Vegas -
Had my wife and I laughing almost the whole time. Plus they are very talented musicians. Highly recommend watching this show!
from East Bay, California -
Great time with the family - couldn't upgrade the tickets at the booth when we arrived though.
from Phoenix, AZ -
I have seen this show more than once, and every time Is like seeing it for the first time. And there isn't a bad seat at the Luxor, every seat has an awesome view.
from -
My husband and I did not enjoy this all...hate that we wasted our "fun" evening in VEGAS torturing ourselves with having to waste several ours of our evening/night. As a business owner, I HATE having to write this bad reviews...but it was a very odd show and experience. We walked out in a sad mood, scratching our heads as to why in the world anyone would actually enjoy it. We are 33 years old and love entertainment but this show is definitely not for beware! We tried to make it fun...really...but it just wasn't happening...such a bummer!
from canada -
We walked out after 50min of 3 blue men blinking and staring. This is not a show - literally NOTHING happens! They chew food, spit it out, take 20 min to select an audience member. More blinking and staring. 10 min of music, then they stand there looking at each other! We couldn't take it anymore, and asked for our money back, but because we booked on that wasn't an option. You'd have to be an idiot to enjoy this!
from Williamstown, KY -
Didn't know what to expect but was very happy with the decision to see Blue Man Group. Great interaction with the audience and they kept you guessing what might happen next.
The avant-garde Blue Man Group combines theatrics, art, music and science to create an interactive, wild and percussion-driven experience full of humor and energy.

show summary

Get ready to experience the ultimate sensory overload when our favorite blue bros take the stage and crank up the volume. An audiovisual encounter unlike anything else on the Strip, Blue Man Group is fun for the whole family and just doesn’t get old no matter how many times you see it.

The narrators of the Blue Man Group show profess to know a lot about human nature and social evolution, but the three bald and blue stars are oddly oblivious. Through music, movement and only a little bit of verbal communication, you become a part of this production and swim in the sights and sounds that douse the theater. The show is good clean fun with a variety of acts and quick-change illusions, but the core of its appeal is the company's signature music, played on far-out, makeshift instruments.

Seriously fun and unconventionally educational, you’ll have had a lot of laughs, and have maybe even shaken your caboose. Go ahead and let your jaw drop open, after all, being consumed by entertainment produced by three blue men is a perfectly acceptable reaction.

show details

Show Length: 105 minutes
Other restrictions: This show is recommended for children ages 3 and up due to the percussive music, movement of the performers/props in the auditorium and as a courtesy to other patrons. Patrons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over. Patrons 16 years of age and over may attend alone with a valid government issue photo ID.
Address: 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

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